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Beauty // What´s in my beauty bag: Top skin care products for oily & combination skin

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Today's beauty bag series feature is all about skin care. When I last focused on skin care, it was all bout my top must have products. Fast forward and not only do I swear by certain products, but I also better understand the benefits of a good skin care regimen. No matter the amount of money spent on beauty products, regardless if they are highend or drug store, will be a complete waste, if your skin is not properly taken care of.  I also have gotten really acquainted with my skin type as it has morphed into a thing of its own. My skin is either extremely oily or in some awkward kind of oily/dry hybrid situation (I embrace combination skin type, it's just easier). Having oily and combination skin has made me focus religiously on keeping up with my skin care or else my face will look like it is the second coming of puberty (which was not a fond experience. NOPE). I have waded through a lot of brands in search of my top skin care products, that not only control oiliness, but also keep acne at bay.  Click continue to learn more about my skin care tips and top products that keeps my skin supple, moisturized, and blemish free.

tips care tips for oily and combination skin

//Skin Care Tips

4 skin care tips for beautiful skin
4 tips for great skin

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//Top Products

These are by far my favorite all time must have skin care products. They not only combat shininess but also address blemish prone issues that come along with having sensitive, oily, and combination skin. From cleansers, to toners, and masks, there are a variety and range of products that should be in everyone's beauty regimen, regardless of skin type.  If you can't tell, I sort of have a thing for Neutrogena products. Hover over each for additional information. 
middle column   eye makeup remover  | eye cream | moisturizer | cleanser |  toner |  blemish fade gel  

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