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Designer Thrift Haul: MIU MIU, GUCCI, Dior & More!

by - 9:00 AM

thrifted designer shoes, miu miu shoes, GUCCI shoes
designer thrift haul

Nothing makes me happier than a great thrift find. Going through racks, digging in bins, and picking through shoes to find a piece of gorgeousness just lying in wait for your little fingers to discover.  I am an artist and I am serious about my ish. I really want to revisit this idea if solely only purchasing thrifted items for an entire month. Alas, this hual is a collection of the items I have found via my thrifting exploits over the last month. Some I scored locally and some over the net. I will be including several pieces in my boutique in the near future.

thrifted Gucci shoes

Finding a pair of Gucci shoes at a local goodwill made my heart skip a beat. Too bad 
they are too small. They will be listed in my shop in the relaunch.

thrifted miu miu heels

I got these lovely MIU MIU heels via ebay.   For now they shall live in my wardrobe. 

white mui mui shoes

Another lovely ebay win. These MIU MIU flats are super soft and so pretty.  

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thrifted designer ties, vintage ties, christian dior tie, yves saint laurent tie
thrifted designer ties

I have  amassed a pretty decent designer tie collection. These four will be right at home.
I won them on shopgoodwill . 

thrifted christian dior tie

thrifted christian dior tie
Christian Dior tie

vintage  christian dior tie

Vintage christian dior tie
vintage Christian Dior tie

thrifted yves saint laurent tie

thrifted yves saint laurent tie
Yves Saint Laurent tie

vintage yves saint laurent tie

vintage yves saint laurent tie
Yves Saint Laurent tie

vintage givenchy earrings
vintage givenchy earrings

I have a lot of  vintage Givenchy. Next to Chanel, I have a super soft spot for Givenchy jewelry. 
 I have found several pieces via shopgoodwill.

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