Style Icon // Esther Quek

Dec 18, 2014

If loving you Esther is wrong, I don't want to be right. This women's style is soo effing awesome...Ahhhhh! Esther Quek brings the BANG to men's wear. As group fashion and beauty director of such publications as the The RakeRevolution and contributor to Condé Nast Traveller she makes me want to plan my next 10 looks in thrifted men blazers, trouser pants, and statement heels.   She has hair that slays, keeps a flawless face, and rocks lust worthy statement accouterments all while making it look so effortless cool.

Let's just get on with the pictures.

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Rent the Runway Unlimited part deux

Dec 10, 2014

I first talked about this subscription service here. Since then I have gotten some beaugorgeous (yes I just made that word up) pieces. Really, three lavish pieces to remain in my possession for as long as I desire, how could I not subscribe to this?! Want to get in on the fun (I know you want to, you really really want to) Rent the Runway unlimited is now being offered for $49.99.

The details and the hardware on this beauty. OH MY 

My earlobes have such a love hate relationship with clipons. However these babies are pretty heavy solid.

//A few other pieces that I have received:

Style Icon // Solange

Dec 8, 2014

Solange is my spirit animal. I mean yes technically she is person but in my head we are totally bffs. TOTALLY. She does no wrong. Every look she rocks makes me want to re-do my entire wardrobe in vivid colors and perfect nudes. Just bask in her do-her-own-style-fablousness.

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4 tips for thrifting high-end shoes

Dec 3, 2014

l to r Kate Spade, Proenza Schouler, Kate Spade

The love of pretty things and the love of maintaining financial responsibility is a tight rope that I prefer to walk in stiletto heels. I kid I kid. I consider myself a well cultured woman who can hold her own walking proudly in 5 inch heels as well in a structured flat. I sure though, the mister to my chicness would probably say I have more flat walking stealthiness than heels, sans his assistance. To that I say cobblestones and sleek pumps are not such a great duo.

Regardless of my (mis)adventures in heels or flats, I wholeheartedly understand the quality of a well designed shoe. Likewise, I equally desire to keep a good amount of my coins within my possession. Hey thrifting this is why I heart you soo much. Additionally investing in high-end pieces are worth it for items I know I will keep forever.  More importantly I'm kind of rough on shoes. Thrifting or shopping consignments and resale boutiques gives me much less guilt and heartache. To make sure I'm getting the bang for my buck I follow 5 simple tips when purchasing designer footwear.