Chic DIY // Faux Septum Ring

Aug 2, 2015

I change looks like a change shoes; Gemini to the core honey. For a while I have been wanting to get a septum piercing. However, I am non-committed to putting a hole in my nose (allergies I see you). Naturally, the next best thing is break out the DIY skills and create a faux septum ring that is perfect my non-committal soul.

DIY, DIY Septum, DIY faux septum, faux septum, fake septum

Style Icon // Iris Apfel

Jul 27, 2015

young arts patrons, memphis screenings, brooks museum,

Iris freaking Apfel!!! Yesterday I had the experience; and by experience I talking  about mountain moving, self-fulling prophecy, run home and devise my master plan, and make shit happen experience.   Brunch and then a viewing of the Albert Maysles' IRIS film  with the Young Arts Patrons at the Brooks Museum of Art was more than just some simple Sunday funday.

Snapshots July 2015

Jul 20, 2015

designer consignment shoes, DVF consignment heels, sugar plum consignment memphis
Fanciest DVF shoes I have ever owed. This might or might not be the only pair I own,

knit mafia memphis, Brooks museum, art of the video game
Knit Mafia bombing outside of the Brooks Museum.

DIY gel mani, DIY shellac mani, almond nails
My nails have gotten soo long and soo strong. I will be talking about mani process soon.

natural hair style, plus size fashion
 New summer hair cut and color.  Also I don't talk about it much, but this also shows my 50lbs weight loss. This is the half way point of my get healthy goals. 

vintage Givenchy earrings, goodwill, shopgoodwill
New vintage Givenchy Earrings. *side note* The post office caused me mad woes with these here beauties. 

Agave Maria, brunch spots in memphis, downtown memphis
Rev Al and these two hot numbers kept me company at Agave Marie

Dury Plaza hotel, franklin tn
Options at the Dury for those travel weary peeps that might not have all of their needed shower products. 

christian louboutin daffodile, thrited louboutin shoes,
You totally had me at hello. Also, I don't think I'm quite grown enough to walk in these yet. :/

summer flowers, the Fresh Market, thrifted Marc Jacobs bag
It's all about beautiful fresh flowers. I pick out bunch weekly from the Fresh Market. Bonus points if you can you spot the ZARA, March Jacobs, and Old Navy in this pic.

Flashback Vintage memphis, vintage desk lamp
I wanted to take this vintage desk lamp home with me. Well that & about everything else I saw at Flashback vintage boutique.

vintage magazine, magazine stand
One last pic from my day trip to Flashback. Vintage VOGUE, well hello my pretty. 

Chic DIY Inspiration

Jul 13, 2015

There are several things I have been lusting over. However, my wants are a tinsey bit bigger than my bank account and I sort of played through it in the basket spent more than needed in June. For all of July  I'm only buying needs (I have the sads just typing that) and well, I still WANT all the things I have been lusting over. Besides getting really acquainted with my wardrobe, I have decided to indulge in some DIY. Preferably the type that only requires some scissors and glue. I have a few projects already in progress and hopefully few more on the horizon. To keep my DIY juices flowing I have been bookmarking the heck out of everything.

Gladiator Sandals //

alexander wang DIY, no sew DIY
Alexander Wang is bae and so are these shoes.

gladiator sandals DIY, no sew DIY
Love a gladiator that wraps up the leg. However must don't get along with my calves. Ex-athlete woes. 

gladiator sandals DIY, no sew DIY
Thicker straps but still divine. 

Fancy Shoes //

tassell heels DIY, no sew DIY
Wrap, woven, and tasseled up. 
aliaia heels DIY, pom pom hells DIY, no sew DIY
Pom poms on heels? Like heck yeah!

AQUAZZURA wild things DIY, no sew DIY
Most sought after shoe that I'm going to so DIY the heck out of. Just watch.

aliaia heels DIY, pom pom hells DIY, no sew DIY
Pom pom on heels? Oh the possibilities. 

Men's shirts //

men's t-shirt DIY, men's shirt shirt  upcyle DIY, no sew DIY
Men's t-shirt into a draped vest

men's t-shirt DIY, men's shirt upcyle DIY, no sew DIY
Men t-shirt into race back vest

men's shirt DIY, men's shirt upcyle DIY, no sew DIY
Turning a men's button down into a woman's shirt?! Why yes!

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