Luxe for Less // Designer Shades at TJ Maxx

Jun 29, 2015

I think I spent a great part of  my more formative years in TJ Maxx. I can remember my mom dragging me from store to store, and being the child I was, only held out for the McDonald's fries offered to me as treat. Its no surprise I am madly in love with TJMaxx and have made purchases for just about everything. Home accents, shoes, clothes, gifts, you name it and I can point to some piece I own or have owned. Recently I discovered that they offer a pretty solid selection of items offered in the stores shopable online.  I visited  TJMaxx's online website to see, more specifically,  what other shades options were to be found and I was not disappointed.

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Snap Shots June 15 Bday Edition

Jun 24, 2015

My birthday was last Thursday and I celebrated from the Saturday before to the Saturday after. As a thirty something I decided to completely embrace my grown womanness and enjoy myself completely. I celebrated with friends and family and got myself a few things here and there.

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Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for under $50 // Local finds

Jun 19, 2015

I fancy myself a pretty good gift giver. Seriously, I'm really passionate about gifting and aim to find unique and special  pieces that the person will adore. With that said father's day is approaching, and I my picky  father can be a real challenge. So I set forth throughout my fare city to find the perfect gift setting a $50 budget. I decided to check out a few spots to give a mixture of modern and vintage, in hopes of finding something really special.

father´s day gifts, vintage lighters
vintage lighters

Holy Grail Beauty products for lashes and eyebrows

Jun 11, 2015

Sonia Kashuk Lash and Brow Enhancer, L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara
Sonia Kashuk Gel Lash and Brow Enhancer and L'Oreal Volumious Miss Manga Mascara

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