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Beauty // Summer Hair styles:Twists, halos, & milkmaid braids

by - 9:00 AM

I am determined to let my hair grow to bra-strap length. While I was pretty close to achieving this a few months back, I had been treating my hair horridly. My ends where in such a sad state and I had heat damage all in the front. I sucked it up and cut about 2 1/2 inches (insert crying emoji face). Though I adore wearing a sleek blowout, I knew that the less heat my hair experienced the better.  I committed to about 4 months of wearing no heat hairstyles.My curl pattern thanked me.

Spring and summer always make me yearn for long flowy hair.  Over the last month I have re-embraced the blowout. However, remembering my hair issues and commitment to healthier and longer hair, there is still the need to continue wearing heat free styles.  Additionally, I aim to use heat no more than 4 times a month. Lately I have been obsessed with braided and twisted protective styles. They are soo pretty and really help to bring longevity to a blow with little to no heat.

protective styles: braided bun    protective styles: twisted chunky halo

protective styles: halo on a two strand twists    protective styles: twisted halo

protective styles: french braided bun    protective styles: braided bun

protective styles: braided bun    protective styles: twisted bun

protective styles: chunky chignon mohawk    protective styles: twisted chignon

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