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Beauty // What's in My beauty Bag Spring 2015

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what's in my beauty bag, thrifted Chanel make-up bag

It's been a while a year since I last talked about beauty on here.  To embrace the spirit of spring renewal I will be updating my beauty bag series. Since last spring I have really worked on creating a beauty regimen so that I can achieve an effortlessly polished look. I am excited to share products I love and super easy beauty tips. Check back for the next topic in my updated beauty beauty bag series: my skin care regimen.  

To it kick off the series, today I'm focusing on "what's in my beauty bag.  My daily beauty routine has changed and the products I keep in my make-up bag have been well edited. Of course some things have stayed, hey if it's not broke, but there are a lot of new products I now swear by. Regardless if old or new, each and every one is an essential beauty product that I absolutely cannot live without (yes I am dramatic, but hey I am SERIOUS about beauty).

*Beauty Bag: thrifted Chanel parfum bag found at a local goodwill store*

what's in my beauty bag
everyday beauty essentials
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 |

1   | Borghese hand cream: was introduced to this via Allure's beauty box. It is soo moisturizing and leaves            my hands feeling soft and smooth.
2   | Nars Multiple: one of the best products by NARS. I have  this in several shades. This one I use it as a              bronzer, blush, eye shadow, and even lipstick.
3   | Nivea lip balm:  this lip balm works wonders for my lips. They dry out easily so keeping them well                  moisturized is really important.
4   | Maybeline: color sensation creamy matte in ravishing rose, one of the newest additions. Currently I am            mad about wearing a matte lippie. I love this product as most mattes dry out my lips. I can wear this and        not worry about my lips looking cracked or dry.
5   | Rimmel Lipstick":  moisture renew in nude delight, c/o influenster, is my favorite nude. Check out my              review for more pics and details on why this lipstick is fabulous.
6   | Revlon  Lip Butter*:  in creme brulee is a holy grail product. This is the perfect base for a nude lip or                throw it own just by itselt for some simple instant color.
7   | Donna Karen Cashmere Mist:  one of my top 4 scents. It is light and gives a hint of sophistication.
8   | Ulta on-the-go mist*: in freshwater mist, smells really clean and pretty. Every girl should could a                      favorite scent for touch-ups throughout the day.
9   | Tide to go pen: most days I'm manage to eat like an adult. However, put me in some white and I am                bound to get something on me. These things have saved soo many pieces of clothing.
10 | EOS hand lotion*: in berry blossom, fits in the smallest bag and works to keep my hands feeling great.
11 | Vintage Dior mirror*: another item that can fit into any bag. It's really chic and get's the job done.
12 | Sephora brush set*: perfect to touch up your face. I have had this set for years and these brushes are             still super soft. 
13 | Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial hand gel: in midnight pomegranate. I have been using since undergrad.        Makes you smell like spring all year.

what's in my beauty bag
everyday beauty essentials
| 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |

14 |  Comb*: best comb ever, does not snag my hair; perfection. It came in a Vidal Sasson multi pack.
15 |  Revlon nail kit*: contains a nail clipper, file, and an emery board. This has saved many manicures.
16 |  Listerine Freshburst Pocket Packs"c/o influenster, these are perfect for a quick freshener after a                  meal, like lunch. As a therapist it is important that my breath is fresh and gum is really not very                      professional.
17 | DenTek"c/o influentser, comes in handy after eating my fav, salsa and chips. Nothing is worse than              walking around with a piece of cilantro stuck right in between your front teeth.
18 | Hair pins:as a natural hair girl, I keep a few hair pins handy as my hair loves to wiggle a loose                          throughout the day.
19 | Ponytail tie: same applies to the need of keeping a hair tie. I prefer the "ouch-less" ones as they will not          snag on any strands of hair.

* old faithful item that shall never ever leave my side. 

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