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Tag You're It! (Blogger Interview)

by - 9:00 AM

La amiga Kim of KPFusion tagged me in a blogger interview, and it has been EONS since I've done anything like this (livejournal anyone?), I thought why the heck not.  I'll play along, plus I'm actually nosy and want to see what those I tagged have to share. Keep reading to see what motivated me to do this thing called blogging and where I foresee my blogging future.

How did you get into blogging?

I actually started what would be considered blogging almost 15 years ago (yes I am that old, and yes this is a no judge zone). It steemed from me wanting to spruce up my blackplanet page more than want was allowed and tired of also having a livejournal (I think I totally just aged myself with all that, but again JUDGE FREE ZONE). I decided that a wagepage/webblog was what I wanted, and after being hosted by several others I went on and purchased my own self hosted site that I completely hand coded. Oh those were the days. Also my  blog prior to this one is still around. I can't bring myself to delete it. Fast forward to 3 years ago, after visiting tons of style, beauty, and decor blogs and realizing hey girl you do this too, I started what was then titled the fashion mode. At the time time I had no clue what direction I wanted to go in, I just knew that I loved style and I loved to write, so I'm going to just go for it. Over the years this blog has grown to where it now, into a lifestyle blog where I share my love of thrifting, all vintage everything, and healthy eating from my 30+ year old point of view. 

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

Do not over think it and do not go out and invest in stuff you think you will need. Starting out you will have no clue what your blogging voice is. Post on what interests you and do not worry about visitors, analytics, and all that jazz. If you are passionate about it the readers will come. I highly suggest start out on a free host like blogger or wordpress. Keep your posts simple and always authentic. If all you have is your smartphone shoot in natural light and get really acquainted with photoshop or pixlr editor which is completely free. Also do not let age, gender, and no other identifier stop you or cause you to self-doubt your blogging desire.

What would be your dream campaign?

I would love to partner in a campaign where I am able to style a room or a home to be featured on apartment therapy or in a similar print publication. I would love to be able to flex my organization skills and thrifting know withal to give a space a unique, yet very polish look, and still true the owner's style. Textures, period pieces, antiques, personal items, color, oh the possibilities. Until that occurs I will continue to style and restyle my home and anyone else's that will allow me to do so. 

Do you have a plan for your blog?

Actually I am actively working the plan I have for my blog. My blog is just an aspect of my overall vision for my future and what it is I want to be doing. I want the things that I am involved in to work together seamlessly, be financially viable outlets, and still allow me to express myself creatively. I will say that in the near future I plan on offering outfit posts geared towards incorporating thrifted items, and having YouTube vids of my thrift exploits and provide quick beauty and style tips. 

What do you think about rankings?

Rankings are helpful depending on what your focus is and what you want your blog to do and go. If you desire to go after big campaigns and work with major brands you are going to have to put in serious work to become a top tear blogger. With that said, if you are not truly passionate about what it is you are doing, all that effort will be big fat FAIL. Your blog will grow because of you, the love you put into it, and finding your unique blogging voice. I currently I do monitor my analytics and make tweaks here and there to continue to increase traffic to my little piece of the net. However, rankings, traffic numbers, views, and so forth do not drive what I do or why I do anything with my blog.  Understanding how people get to me, and why they come, and come back, for me is more encouraging than anything else and solidifies my desire to continue thatsssochic and to continue to grow as blogger. 

Now its your turn!  I'm tagging //

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