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What's in my Closet: thrifted and vintage style

by - 9:00 AM

Nothing beats shopping your closet and discovering things you have forgotten about and remembering how much you love them. While engaging in my seasonal clothing swap out I came across some of my most loved items that had been hidden by all of the stuff I need to purge of my winter wardrobe. Lately I have been finding myself reaching for these often and I am not ashamed to admit, are repeat offenders. I mean if it's loved and gorgeous, why not?

vintage style, vintage chanel, thrifted shoes
favorite spring vintage pieces

vintage pants, thrifted cropped trousers,
vintage cropped trousers 
The color of these thrifted cropped trousers is just perfection for spring!.

vintage chanel waist bag
Vintage Chanel waist bag

vintage chanel waist bag

This is probably one of my all time favorite vintage pieces. This bag is so versatile.  
This purchase was inspired by this currently coveting post

vintage aviators
vintage aviators
I thrifted these sunnies from goodwill &  they are truly my favorite pair of shades.
last seen here and here

thrifted enzo angiolini sandals
thrifted enzo angiolini sandals 

enzo angiolini sandals

These  enzo angiolini sandals were in mint condition. Thrifting shoes can be challenge.
Check out my post where I offer 4 tips for thrifting for highend footwear
These tips are useful for the novice & the seriously dedicated thrifter. 

vintage brass braclets
vintage bracelets
When I first started getting into thrifting I always gravitated towards jewelry. These two 
pieces are literally the 1st things I ever purchased from a thrift store. 

vintage chanel crossbody bag
vintage chanel bag
This bag has also made several appearances. I can't believe I let this beauty rest at
the back of my closet.

that seen here 

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