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4 tips for thrifting high-end shoes

by - 9:00 AM

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The love of pretty things and the love of maintaining financial responsibility is a tight rope that I prefer to walk in stiletto heels. I kid I kid. I consider myself a well cultured woman who can hold her own walking proudly in 5 inch heels as well in a structured flat. I sure though, the mister to my chicness would probably say I have more flat walking stealthiness than heels, sans his assistance. To that I say cobblestones and sleek pumps are not such a great duo.

Regardless of my (mis)adventures in heels or flats, I wholeheartedly understand the quality of a well designed shoe. Likewise, I equally desire to keep a good amount of my coins within my possession. Hey thrifting this is why I heart you soo much. Additionally investing in high-end pieces are worth it for items I know I will keep forever.  More importantly I'm kind of rough on shoes. Thrifting or shopping consignments and resale boutiques gives me much less guilt and heartache. To make sure I'm getting the bang for my buck I follow 5 simple tips when purchasing designer footwear.

//One Size does matter

Understanding Euro sizes is a must. Depending on the narrowness of the shoe I generally look for shoes in a 38 1/2 and 39,  (US 8 1/2 , 9).

//Two Inspect, Inspect, INSPECT!

If buying online, closely look at all of the pics. Request more if need be. You want to make sure that all jewels and stitching are completely in tact and the material of the shoe is free from tears.

//Three Try it on
Prada sandals

Throughout the day you feet will swell so try on shoes later in the day to account for the difference. No matter how beautiful a shoe is or how tempting the price is leave a just right size where it is. 

//Four  No click clacking

Though this is a simple fix, purchasing used shoes with heel tips intact, indicates that the shoe is in good condition. Just because you are purchasing a used shoes does not mean that it has be in poor shape.

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