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Snap Shots: Weekstagrams

by - 9:00 AM

My favorite pics from the last week. Those that did and did not make it to the (insta)grams

Menu,  all access at the Brushmark, brooks museum of art
Menu at the Brushmark at the Brooks Museum during All Access

perfect  brows, bun on natural air, blowout styles
Brow, lashes, and big bun

coco & lola's grand opening, cupcake tower
Cupcake tower at Coco & Lola's grand opening

Crazy Beautiful boutique, memphis
Crazy Beautiful boutique

Paper and Clay, ceramic cups
Beautiful handmade Cups by Paper & Clay

red wine, brooks museum of art
very much needed glass of wine

thrifted vintage aviators
Thrifted vintage Aviators

| 1 | I attended All Access at the Brooks Museum of Art for Neosoulville last week. There was soo much good stuff to do. From a picture frame photo booth, to artist discussions, I indeed had a blast. BUT, it was the food on the menu at the Brushmark restaurant in the Brooks that sealed the deal. Check out out the sea salt sweet potato fries I posted in Instagram.Yummm | 2 | This is what happens when I get bored: big bun, brows, & lashes. Being natural, especially one who enjoys her blowouts, it is important to wear styles that are low in heat. Buns do just that. Those brows...post coming soon on how how to achieve the perfect brow and more in my beauty bag series| 3 | I seriously heart facebook, just for the awesome events that I am invited to. Over the weekend I attended the grand opening for lingerie boutique Coco & Lola's. It was fabulous. I had the chance to chat it up with one of the owners, who shared they carry S to 4XL. Yes I love it! Getting your sexy on is something that all ladies need. | 4 | During the Crawfish fest in Overton square, I  finally had the chance to pop into Crazy Beautiful. Last time I visited was in their old location. I didn't really have much time  as the crew was in search of food. I am most definitely going back to shop visit. | 5 |  Paper & Clay had me wanting to redo my entire kitchen stocked with their wares. Everything was just so effing pretty. I wanted it all!  | 6 |  To go with the sweet potato fries I scratched off one from  my bucket list I decided to try a red wince.This is the 1st red I have ever liked. Reds are just soo bitter and dry usually. DO NOT WANT. This one was delicious.   | 7 | I got on spruts where I literally have to find a particular vintage item. Last year, one of those was to get a good pair of aviators. These I thrifted from goodwill are bay far my favorite pair of shades.

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