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In My Beauty Bag: Skin Care

by - 10:00 AM

From a clear and smooth complexion to the perfect nude pout and the right shade of mint, I have been on a beauty product extravaganza the past couple of months. I constantly get what color is that or where did you find that product questions all of the time. To answer all of these questions and offer some more information on why I love these products I have decided to offer an on-going series on my top must-have beauty products du jour. To start things off today it's all about skin care.

top skin care products 

1. AcneFree: Growing up puberty did a number on my skin so I am serious about keeping my skin the healthiest it can possibly be. Lately, my normal regimen was not keeping my face clear as I would like. I picked up the AcneFree Sensitive Skin 24 Hour Acne System from my local Walgreens. It comes with a Corrective Cleanser infused with Oat and Ginger, a Alcohol-Free Acne Toner with natural fruit enzymes, and a Hydrating Acne Repair Lotion + Spot Treatment with continuous-release mirco-benzoyl peroxide. I use the system at night before bed and in the morning during my normal skin care routine. Within one use I had noticeably clearer skin and within one week of using the system, my problem areas had cleared. I cannot believe I have gone as long as I have without having this product in my life.

2. Noxzema: I have been a stan for noxzema for the majority of my life having tried several of their products and loving them all. I have to say though, the one that has stayed in my skin care arsenal is their original deep conditioning cream. I wash my face with this, sleep in it, and even will rub a light layer into my skin as a daily protectant from the elements.

3. Sonia Kashuk Blotting Papers: Having super oily skin is a serious hassle in the warmer months. By the end of the day, my face is super shinny and the oil is even rolling into my eyes (which is extremely uncomfortable), this is especially so on days where I wear little to no makeup. There are a lot of blotting papers on the market. I adore the option provided by Sonia Kashuk because of the high paper count and the super chic holder they come in. I usually only have to use just one sheet to get all of the oil off of my face.

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