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Style Tip: Organize Your Vanity Part I

by - 10:26 AM

I stay in a gorgeous midtown turn of the century apartment. Like most older apartments in my area of the city, space is an issue. My beauty vanity needed some serious sprucing up and reorganizing. The vintage table I had brought into my bathroom was no longer big enough to handle my overflowing tubes of lipstick, body spray, foundation, blushes, and makeup brushes. If you have experienced similar to me, a simple and quick fix is to install a floating shelf. This is fairly inexpensive and the end results are super chic.

To better store my makeup brushes and accessories I grabbed a pencil holder with four main sections; perfect for my needs and really inexpensive. The floating wall shelf was all of $5 from target and took little time to install. All that was needed was a screw driver for the fixtures that come in the package. This instillation took me about 25 minutes to do. Hope this will be a super easy and chic fix for you as it was for me.

*check back for part ll where I discuss organization ideas for all your makeup*

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