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Stylish Feature: Andrea Fenise Owner of Style Junkie Boutique

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While volunteering at local MCS middle school Cory Middle for their career day, I ran into friend, fellow blogger and stylist Andrea Fenise, owner of Style Junkie Boutique. Just from that brief description you can see this is one busy lady and she is serious about her craft. At Cory she was imparting some wisdom and offering style tips to the girls in grades 6th-8th. I had the to chance to sit down with her and talk about her influences growing up in the city, what's it like to completely change course and go after your dreams, and got some fabulous spring worthy style tips.

Fashion Mode: Growing up in Memphis what were your biggest influences?
Andrea Fenise: In Memphis, my biggest influences have been "regular" people like my mother and grandmothers who are very beautiful and hardworking women who made something out of nothing. One thing I always noticed is even though they didn't have alot of money they were always well dressed and polished and their homes were always immaculate. They also taught me as a woman that you can't eat your beauty so you must work. So my entrepreneurial spirit and drive comes from them.

Fashion Mode: How did you come about opening Style Junkie?
Andrea Fenise: I started Style Junkie almost immediately after I quit pharmacy school. I was determined to make my dreams come true with something I truly loved which was fashion. I started very "guerrilla", selling out of my trunk. It's been all about progression; trunk to an online site to a storefront to a even bigger online site.

Fashion Mode: What were the main messages you wanted to part to the girls at Cory?
Andrea Fenise: That no matter what your story is..life is about the chapters you'll write for yourself. It's important for me to share my story and past as inspiration that you must follow your dreams and never give up no matter the situation or the people.

Fashion Mode: Are you involved in any upcoming events, activities, or new services? Are any aimed at teen girls?
Andrea Fenise: Right now, I am working on relaunching Style Junkie and to continue growing as a stylist working with all my current clients. I am working on a styling session for Prom for young girls in urban neighborhoods.

Fashion Mode: When putting together a stylish wardrobe, what key pieces would you suggest the everyday woman own?
Andrea Fenise: Statement accessories are key they instantly add to an outfit, Little Black Dress, blazer in a pop of color, great skinny jean and killer heels you can build from all of those pieces depending on your style.

Fashion Mode: What are your forecasts looks and trends for Spring?
Andrea Fenise: Spring is such a fun season...I definitely forecast colored skinnies, floral motifs, and what I love peplum waists.

Fashion Mode: What parting advice can you offer to someone who is interested in owning their own business and getting involved in the fashion world?
Andrea Fenise:It takes 99.9 % work! Nurture relationships you never know where someone else will be along your journey

Andrea has been a professional stylist since 2005. She is owner of Style Junkie Boutique, a pop up boutique that offers stylish women’s accessories at affordable prices. Read more about Andrea and her life as a stylist at AndreaFinese.com or follow her on twitter at AStyleJunkie

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