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Dillard's Beauty Spa Makeover

by - 12:56 PM

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A few weeks back I was invited to a beauty day at Dillard's in the Wolfechase mall. My home girl was like, "come on it will be fun", as if she even had to convenience me. She had me at BEAUTY SPA DAY. I love me some great skin care and bomb beauty products.

There were five us all together and the Dillard's beauty team took great care of us. The day started in Dillard's spa room. It was super cute and I really need to get back there to have a one on one. We have 5 brands for us to pick from, Kiehl's, The Edge Beauty, Dior, Lancome, and Chanel. To spice things up, we had to draw for the lucky brand to spend the day with. If you are not new here, then it should come at no surprise, that my heart secretly wanted to pick Chanel, however I pulled Lancome. Being totally honest, Lacome is one of top 5 high end beauty brands and favorite next to Chanel. Their products are soo good! Needless to say we were in for treat.

The Edge Beauty, Dillard's, Wolfechase MallChanel, Dillard's, Wolfechase Mall

Kiehl's, Dillard's, Wolfechase MallDior, Dillard's, Wolfechase Mall

Lancome, Genifique, dillard's, Wolfechase mall
The Lancome team, hey Evelyn and Joey, introduced me to an array of products consisting of skin care and make-up. Before we got started, they asked me about any skin concerns that I might have, my complexion type, and the type of look I wanted to create.

We started with some great skincare prep. Since I have combination oily skin, my face was thoroughly cleansed using the Bi-Fical micellar water. I love me a good micellar water, so I was really excited to be introduced to Lancome's iteration.

 Lancome has the Genifique line, which is targeted at preserving the youthfulness in skin. The eye cream from the line was used on my under eye and lid which focuses on  hydrating and smoothing the eye area. The serum was used on entire face to work on  improving tone, smoothness, and firmness to create that look of a natural healthy glow from within.

Lancome, Genifique, dillard's, Wolfechase mall

Once my face was cleansed and hydrated we move on to laying a base. I was  multi primed, with focus on my t-zone, using the prep & matte primer and using the La Base Pro Oil free primer to the perimeter.  Since I was familiar with liquid version of Lancome's Le Teint Idole foundation,  they opted to use the stick formulation. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it performed just as beautifully as the liquid version. My skin looked flawless honey!!! Tip I was given, if you are having trouble shade matching, try to fine a shade closer to the highlights of your face. 

Shade matching for WOC, Lacome Le Teint Idole, Dillard'sShade matching for WOC, Lacome Le Teint Idole, Dillard's

Lancome makeup, dillard's, Wolfechase mall
Since my usual everyday make up lewk is either natural glam or the cult favorite, no make-up make-up look, I opted for something out of my comfort zone. We went for a smokey eye with a deep red matte lip. They used an eye palette to smoke out my eyes. She took the darkest shade and smudged it on my under eye. To give my look more dimension a little eye liner was used. Another pro tip, if putting on eye liner is a problem, use one with a felt tip and "stamp" the liner on. To give my eyes more drama a couple of coats of Monsieur Big mascara was applied.

To warm my face up some blush was added in shade Rouge in Love. I believe this shade has been phased out so the current shade would be the Shimmer Peace Lingerie. Now the highlighter selection, I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to put them ALL on my face!! I finally opted the shade Shimmering buff.  Since I'm a matte lip type of girl, my lips were first lined  and then topped off with a shade from the new L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte line. Everything was set into place using the Fix It and Forget It Setting spray.

Fix it Forget It setting spray, Lancome setting Spraymake-up brushes, high-end make-up brushes, Lancome make-up brushes

I was soo enamored in chatting it up and learning about the products used, that I did not get a good shot of my completed look. However, I did try my best to preserve my make-up and touch it up when I went out later that night. The eye look did not last, but my foundation was still flawless. 

make-up for WOC, Le Teint Idole Ultra wear foundation

dillard's, wolfechase mall, lancome make-updillard's, wolfechase mall, lancome make-up

dillard's, wolfechase mall, lancome make-up

To top off the experience at Dillard's, the Lancome team gave me a really nice goody bag. It was full to the brim with some of the products that were used to create my look plus some of the skin care items that we talked about. There was also additional information on upcoming events at Dillard's and Lancome product launches included. I cannot express how thankful and appreciative to the Dillard's beauty team and especially to the Lancome team for this wonderful experience.

I was gifted several full size items and a couple of minis, which are super usual for traveling. So far I have been able to try out several of the products, the  Fix It Forget It setting spray, Genifiue Youth Activating Smoothing Eye Cream, Monsieur Big mascara, and the Energie De Vie Illuminating & Purifying Exfoliating Mask.The mask smells soo good, that I wish there was smell-o-vision so that I could share it with you all. If you have not tired it, please pick you up some.

So far I am loving the products I picked up. Slowly I am incorporating them into my regular skincare and make-up routine. I can already tell you that as soon as I finish the setting spray and the mask, I will be buying them. They are soo good.

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