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My Summer Travel Beauty Bag Essentials

by - 9:30 AM

summer travel beauty essentials, what in my bag

givenchy makeup bag, givenchy toiletry bag

First let me just gush over this here fantabulous thrift store find. Seriously I got this Givenchy toiletry bag at such a great price. This is another reason why the thrift store will forever be bae and continues to bless my wardrobe.

givenchy makeup bag, givenchy toiletry baggivenchy makeup bag, givenchy toiletry bag
The inside has to separate compartments that hold a ton of stuff, I mean a ton. Usually I have multiple bags just to bring makeup, brushes, and body items. This beauty made packing for my latest trip a breeze.

givenchy makeup bag, givenchy toiletry bag, summer beauty essentials

When prepping for a summer excursion, it is important to have both beauty and body items that are, for the most part durable and travel friendly. They must also cover all the basics that you would engage in back home. When traveling I believe in taking things that can work double duty. I also like compactable items, and things that I don't really have to worry about breaking.  .

summer make-up essentials, travel make-up essentials
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1. Neutrogena Illuminating tinted moisturizer in medium to tan // summertime usually mean HOT weather traveling which means I use less foundation. This product is super buildable. It can be worn in a sheer wash as a simple moisturizer, or add more of the product for a more coverage. It has SPF 30 built in, is super lightweight, is antioxidant, and oil-free.

2.  L' Oreal  True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator in Golden // this illuminator can be added into your foundation or moisturizer to give an effortless look of glowing from within. It can also be used a stand alone highlighter. WIN!

3. Urban Decay Naked2 Basics eye shadow palette // the NAKED eye shadow palettes have been popular since the original one came out. This mini one, gives you all of the favorites of the NAKED2.

4. L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black // this mascara has quickly became one my top 5 of all time mascaras. It makes my lashes look soo long and beautiful. It is hands down my current favorite drugstore mascara.

5. NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Expresso // I adore this pencil.  I talked about this pencil recently. This one product has cut my brow routine in half. I have now been using it for several months now and recommend it with no hesitations.

6. NYX Wonder Pencil in Deep // this pencil does double duty, triple duty really. It can be added to your waterline, outline your lips or even fill them in for a nude neutral base, and in my favorite way to clean up the brow bone.

7. NYX proofit! Waterproof Eyebrow primer // I discovered this genius product last summer.  I ran out of my favorite waterproof mascara that I used to set my brows and badly needed a quick replacement. This product has been apart of my summer brow game ever since.

8. NYX  Tinted brow mascara in Expresso // this product can be used by itself for a more subtle natural brow, or on top to lock and define the brows to perfection.

9.  NYX Eyebrow Shaper // this product was also talked about in my brow routine post. I have super thick brows, but also get oily quick. This product helps to lay my brows down smoothly allowing product to be easily applied

10. e.l.f. contour palette // I used to a be cream contour queen. This palette has changed my wayward ways. It applies beautifully and has colors that will contour the heck out of your face.

11.  Lorac Tantalizer baked bronzer // picked this guy up at the front area while standing in line to of check-out at UTLA. That front area is a curse & a blessing I tell you. I cannot believe this is the travel size as it gives a nice amount of product.

12. Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer mattifying primer // another check-out line buy, but this time at Sephora. This is most definitely my favorite matte primer. Also a little goes a long way, and since I only use this in my t-zone it has lasted me for months. I also like to use this as an eye shadow primer.

13. NYX Mineral Set it & Don't Fret It matte finishing Powder in light medium // I have tried a lot of drug store setting powders. This option by NYX is glorious. It can also be used to baked with, if you are into that.

summer make-up essentials, travel make-up essentials
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1. e.l.f. beautifully bare blending brush // I had my eye on this since e.l.f. released it in their new brush collection. After seeing multiple reviews I decided to snag me one. Let me tell you, this baby gives you the must perfect butter smooth air brushed look. I love to use it to blend out my contour and bronzer.

2. e.l.f. blending eye brush // for travel this brush gives you a lot. It is handy in blending out eye shadow, nose contour, and popping in a little inner eye highlight.

3. e.l.f. shadow brush //  this beauty is pretty solid in packing on shadow on the lid. However, my favorite use for this brush is for cleaning up the brow bone. It carves your brows out and blends concealer beautifully.

4.  Sephora lash comb and brow brush // I have probably had this little guy for over 10 years. It can be used to groom and prep brows, comb your lashes, and also comb out mascara if it clumps up on you.

5. IT Cosmetics for Ulta Power brush // It Cosmetics makes some of the softest and most bomb brushes on the market. This powder brush is apart of a travel set, also picked up from the front check out of Ulta (the devil I tell you, the devil). This brush is great for applying face powder and even blush. Just be careful with really pigmented blushes as this brush will pick up a lot of product.

6. Sephora bronzer brush //  another brush that I have probably owned for over 10 years. It is apart of 3 brush travel set. It applies bronzer beautifully. I also have used it to blend out my contour in the past.

travel body care essentials, summer beauty essentials
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1. ORS Monoi Oil Anti-breakage Edge control // as a natural hair girl, edge control is something I live by. It just breaks my heart to see a beautiful hair style and someone edges just look unloved. I picked this product up after my local CVS was out of my regular brand.I actually like this one more.

2. Ardell brush-on lash adhesive // this is used for 2 things, (1) the most obvious to apply lashes, & (2) what I mainly use it for, to ensure that the lace on a lace front wig stays put (remember this a judge free zone thank you very much). This is much more gentler on the skin than wig glue and just a dab will do.

3. Simple Kind to Eyes eye roll-on // Simple is one of my favorite skin care brands. I use this eye roll on to combat under eye bags. I apply it at night as a part of my night time skin care routine, and in the morning in my morning skin care routine.

4. Cotton pads // this goes with out saying that cotton pads are extremely multi useful. They can be used to clean up makeup, take off nail polish, take off makeup, and clean various parts of the body (like the neck).

5. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion // I have been religiously using Neutrogena's Acne Defense line for years. This lotion though, is my favorite product from the line and will continue to remain in my skin care routine. I use it both day and night prior to putting on moisturizer. I also use it under my chin, on my neck, and my chest, cause acne does not care where it pops up.

6. Secret Clear Gel // this is truly my old faithful deodorant product. I use this seasonally in addition to Donna Karen Cashmere mist roll-on and Tom's of Maine antiperspirant stick.

7. Simple Micellar Water //  I know there are other Micellar water products on the market, but Simple products work so beautifully for me. I use this to clean my face in the morning, and also to take off my make-up when I have ran out of their micellar face wipes, and make-up remover wipes.

8.  Beauty Secrets Cuticle Oil // *first don't judge the image typo.  Cuticle oil is one of my secret weapons to extending the longevity of manicure and also for having strong nails. I like this type as it has brush applicator. I apply this at night to my hands and feet and repeat in the morning after showering.

Well those are the products and tools that are musts to take when I travel. The vast majority I also use in a regular  day-to-day beauty and skin care regimens. What products discussed where your favorite or you have tried any also love. Also what are some of the things that you use that are must for our summer travels? I would love to know, please share in the comments.

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