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The Obligatory New Years New Me Post

by - 10:00 AM

I know, I know, things have been a little dry around these parts. What can I say I got busy, life was in overdrive, I had to redo my floors (*ahem I'm a midtown renter ahem*), the dog ate my homework...stop... In all honesty I've been focusing on wrapping my pretty little natural hair vintage loving head around what it means to be an entrepreneur (if you missed it I opened an online vintage boutique over HERE). Thus, my lovely  little piece of internet reality got tabled. Alas, it's a new year and, dare I say it, a new me. I've refound my passion for writing and sharing it with the masses and I've rediscovered my love of the electic fashion life.

Expect some new things to emerge on that's so chic. Hopefully I haven't lost all of my wonderful readers, and for those who just happened to find me cause I had a I LOVE KATE SPADE moment last year, or I gave my previous little heart over to sephora and ulta during the spring and had copious beauty posts, WELCOME. There is soo much more thrift amour posts up my sleeve, interior loves to share, and of course beauty crushes to be had.

{image credit pintrest}

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