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5 Essential Beauty Products

by - 9:00 AM

5 essential beauty products

Winter has finally come to an end. The weather is gloriously warming up and not a moment sooner. The long cold months can do a number on the skin and hair. My latest post  for Neosoulville  is all about the top beauty products to help you transition from winter to spring. I dug deep and got each collaborator, including our editor and creative director, to share their top beauty products.Whether you are looking to revamp or update your beauty regimen, our top 5 essential beauty products will have you on the right track. From swear by hair products, to a super secret skin care item, there are are serious goods to be discovered. Click continue to see the ones I loved.

These beauty products are soo good. Check out the rest of our "must-have" beauty products  at Neosoulville.com.

5 essential beauty products, surge first class mask
Surge Mask

Melonee Griggs

Film Contributor

Product she swears by: Surge First Class mask What makes is so great: "It keeps my face moisturized and glowing. It's also great for removing impurities and brings balance to the skin. Actually their whole skin care line is awesome. I get it at TJ Maxx."
Where to purchase: Product can also be purchased at Organic Surge and  Amazon.

5 essential beauty products, argan oil

Ariane Arnold

Style Contributor
Product she swears by: Argan oil
What makes is so great: "My hair needs all the extra loving it can get. I also swear by this product  to achieve  longevity in a blow out. A little does go a long way. I have used several  brands and they all get the job done.  I suggest looking for pure argan oil products or serums."
Where to purchase:  Find this at Walgreen's or Sally's.              

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