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the blog makeover

by - 9:00 AM

This blog began as my outlet to share my passion for a fashionable lifestyle. As I have gone on this journey I have deepened my understanding and drive towards my love for all things stylish not too mention soo many opportunities have come my way. I am soo excited to share with you all the many different projects that I am involved in and will hopefully soon be opening my online store.

I truly hope that the site is more stream lined and less cluttered. As always, as I grow, so will this blog, so this will forever be a work in progress. I am excited to offer new types of posts and resurface some oldie but goodies that I sort of have fallen by the wayside. With a new name, depicting the essence of who I am and what the blog is about, I am excited to continue to bring beauty and style tips that are budget friendly and that are so chic.

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