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L'Oreal Lash Serum Solution Test and Review

by - 9:00 AM

l'roeal lash serum
very well used and loved product
I love me a good lash product. Partly because I love the look of long, healthy, wispy lashes, and also because a girl SUCKS at applying falsies. Like I have tried all the tips and tricks and nope, I just cannot apply them. So when I was sent a new lash product complimentary to try out I was ecstatic! I have been testing out a new lash serum by L'Oreal Paris for the last month. The claims are that it will help to condition and care for the lashes resulting in them being denser and thicker.

l'roeal lash serum review
all I want in life are long lashes and full brows

My lashes are in fairly good condition. While the product does not make any claims towards length, I was intrigued to see how my lashes would respond, if they would at all.  Besides thickening the lashes, the serum also claims that less lashes will fall out. I would like to see my lashes thicker, more lush, and alot stronger. Given their length, when they shed and fall in my eye, which happens more often than I like, it hurts like hell.

I used the serum solution twice daily incorporating it into my morning and evening skincare routines. I found the product fairly easy to use. I really liked the brush applicator. It made applying the serum to my lash line and lashes super easy. I have to be honest, I was SUPER skeptical about this product. I have tried a variety of lash growth aids in the past and they were very hit or miss. However, after just one week in, I really started seeing results. There was not any noticeable change in length, which fair enough it never made those claims. I did though notice that applying mascara was much more easy and I was having to apply less product to get my usual desired end results.

l'roeal lash serum review
brows done and stronger lashes
After using the product for an entire 4 weeks I have noticed that on completely no make-ups days, my lashes look like have I put on a quick coat of mascara. They do in deed appear thicker, and even more wispy. When I now apply mascara it take less product than before and when I am removing my eye make-up there are barely any lashes that shed.

Here are my pro's and cons

// Pros
no weird smell
easy to apply
works with sensitive eyes
does what it claims

// Cons
have to apply twice daily
initially hard to get product out
does not really lengthen

With that said, I would am replacing this product as soon as I can get my hands on it. My lashes have never looked this good. I would love to see with longer use, will my lashes grow any. I most definitely believe this is a product to get once it is released. Be on the look out for L'Oreal's lash serum solution late summer early fall. 

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