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Beauty// DIY- Removing a Shellac Mani

by - 9:00 AM

I used to always hate getting a regular mani and about 30 minutes after I had left the nail salon, I had already chipped a nail. So I love a good shellac mani, just for the sheer lasting power alone. However, my nails grow super fast and getting a mani on a weekly basis is not in my budget. I use this shellac mani removal process to ensure that my nails remain healthy and strong. NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER peal or pop off a shellac mani. 

Cotton pads

step 1// gather your supplies. Also grab a file to shape once done.
step 2// cut foil. Pre-cut your ten pieces for easy use.
step 3// cut cotton pads.
step 4// soak cotton & wrap nail in the foil. I do this 1 nail at a time, so that the pad is good and moist. Make sure to securely wrap each nail. Tip, do this on a clean surface, free from any material that you do not want to get acetone on. There will be some drip when you first tightly wrap the nail.
step 5// repeat. I suggest do 1 nail at a time. Its sort of hard to secure the foil on your other hand once you have covered your fingers. Now wait at least 20 minutes. Turn on Netflix, pop in your favorite movie, or watch your favorite show.
step 6// viola, clean fingers. Use a metal nail file to push away any residue. 

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