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Beauty// Bombshell Mascara by Covergirl Review

by - 9:00 AM

I am a undercover all-things beauty fanatic.  Besides being brow obsessed (tutorial coming soon!) and I nude lip obsessed, mani obsessed and all eye lash obsessed. When it comes to my lashes I like them long and thick and want my mascara  to give me the va-va-voom, hey honey  you doing look.

I do have some holy grail ones, Dior Diorshow, Maybeline Falsies, and Maybeline Illegal lengths, but I am always looking to add a new product to the list. My most recent acquisition is Covergirl's Bombshell curvaceous Mascara. It claims to be water-proof so what better time to try it out then the nuptials of two dear friends I was to attend. Additionally it states that "it gives Mega volume and dark intensity for an over the top bombshell look." Let's see if proof is in the wand (see what I did there).

Covergirl Bombshell mascara

Covergirl Bombshell mascara

Step 1  volumize - load on for unbelievably big volume (so the instructions say). I found that this side of the mascara unit had a very unpleasant odor. No bueno, but I carried on. The things we do in the name of beauty.

Covergirl Bombshell mascara
The curve wand on side 1. 

My lovely lashes pre-application. I have fairly decent lashes and hardly ever curl them. This is also a bare face and a flash of an un-done brow.

Covergirl Bombshell mascara
Ok. Fist application. Also as you see that brow is now looking right. 

 Step 2  intensify - seal in with one coat for an intense, dark all day finish. Beautifully separated lashes (via the instructions). I found that it did indeed make my lashes look fuller. Huge plus in my book. Not sure about the separation part. 
Covergirl Bombshell mascara
The wand on side 2. Straight and more plumper. Also the bristles are really close together. 

Covergirl Bombshell mascara
Lashes now with both coats. They do look longer and fuller. Me likey =D

Covergirl Bombshell mascara

And just to show both eyes done. Do you see the curve and POW POW POW my lashes are giving. YES HUNTY YES. 

So whats the verdict. My mascara stayed on all night, through all my tears from the I do's, to the first dance, to the reception, and all they way to the after-party (yes there was an after party and yes it was sweaty). So it passed the longevity check.  Lets look at the pro's and con's:

Gives great length
Easy to apply
Stayed put all night

Weird odor for wand 1
Bulky and sizable 
water proof so it has to be removed with eye make-up remover

Taking into account that it stayed on all night and made my lashes GORGEOUS I would give it a C-. It would be a B+ if it was not for the awful smell on wand 1. The tube itself is rather big preventing it from being a solid A. If those things were corrected, then it would probably become a product I would reach for often.

Has anyone else tried this product? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from other beauty obsessed gals (and guys too).

*Products were received complimentary via Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.*

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