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Beauty // In my beauty bag Spring Edition

by - 9:00 AM

Spring has sprung, finally, THANK YOU GAWD. Though I love this time of year, my allergies that make me allergic to life, skin however revolts  needs some extra loving. Currently in my beauty bag are year around staples and some additions to help me maintain my lovely during this time of the year.

{clockwise} revlon nailkit, vintage dior mirror, revlon lip butter in creme brulee, e.l.f jumbo lipstick stick in nude, sephora travel brush set, ulta on-the-go mist in passionberry vanilla, bath & body works hand sanitizer, fresh sugar lip treatment, chanel blush, eos hand lotion

 photo revlon_nail_kit_zps2b9073fc.jpg
{l to r}I actually own two of these bad boys.  I keep one at work and I in my purse. I am forever having a hang nail and this kit comes in handy, not to mention a great way for on-the-fly mani upkeep. // I originally purchased this chanel powder blush compact for the mirror. For something so tiny, its packs a serious punch. Let me just say, this makeup SMELLS DIVINE and the brush is super soft. But it is Chanel and lives up to its fabulous namesake.

{l to r}I've had my eye this vintage Dior compact for a while. Such a beautiful piece that makes checking your lipstick or getting out that piece of lunch stuck in your teeth a chic experience. // I caught this travel brush set on clearance a couple of years back when I was just a budding make-up junkie (my condition is full blown now and I am proud of it). These brushes are markedly soft and are handy in touching up my face throughout the day. I wish there was something just as handy that could help me stop eating my lipstick off, but that's a post for another day.

{Shopping} // e.l.f essential jumbo lip gloss stick: I adore this gloss as I adore a nude lip. //  revlon  colorbust lip butter in creme brulee: I cannot state how much in love I am with revlon's lip butters! 1 part lip primer, 1 part moisturizer, and 1 part lipstick, this product is so versatile. I wear it under my lipsticks and by itself as my everyday lippie. // fresh sugar lip treatment spf 15 in clear: allergies cause my sensitive skin to act a plum fool when the warmer months appear. This lip treatment helps to sooth my irritated puckers. // eos travel size everyday hand lotion: this lotion feels to great going on. I probably go through 3 of these a month.

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