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30 days of vintage jewelry

by - 9:00 AM

I live in the south, key for the temps are too hot. Thus the warmer months have approached and my outfits have gotten lighter, meaning no outer wear, no layers, nothing that is going to make me want to snatch it off and throw it in the trash. However, I still want to add a little something special & what more perfect way than incorporating a pretty bauble or two or there.  Its been a while since I have done a thrift/vintage challenge so to make things interesting I have decided to force myself into wearing showcase the beautiful pieces in my vintage jewelry collection.

Anyone can join in on the fun. If you do please share me with your pieces. Be sure to follow me on instagram as I will be updating there using #30daysofvintage. At the end of this little challenge of mine, I will do a update post. Here's to me having a beautiful and fabulously adorned summer. Below is a preview of what to expect.

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