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Numbers game: Target's plus size offerings

by - 9:00 AM

Let me rewind the last couple of months before I jump into what this post is really about.

The internet was set a blaze from January to current, over Target's blunders concerning its plus size section. From labeling items "manatee grey", using a pregnant model for plus size items, to the sudden disappearance of plus size section all together, they really let a lot of ladies down. Including your's truly.

Well fast forward to my weekly Target shopping spree, yes "Hi my name is Ariane and I am a Target Addict, I came across some interesting pieces of clothes. They were just laying there, stuck off in the corner, behind the maternity clothes and the clearance section, waiting for little old me to discover them. It appears that the mysterious placard stating "Women's Plus: COUNTDOWN TO NEW" had some substance to it. Maybe they are testing the waters before the actual launch occurs. For now we will have to wait and see. Below are some of my favorite items currently being offered in stores.

plus size, Target plus size, Pure Energy via Target

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