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Monday Manicure: Mint Ombre

by - 10:00 AM

While taking inventory of my polish stash (which seriously needs a new storage home) I realized I own a few, ok a couple, ok ok, several shades of mint. I was taking inventory to 1) add in new purchases and 2) try to help my fickle self decide what shade of polish I wanted my next mani to be. Needless to say, coupled with my current amour for all things mint and the numerous shades that sat before me, I was stuck. After perusing my favorite beauty and nail blogs I was inspired to do the perfect manicure that fixed my problem: ombre in mint. Problem solved!

pinky to thumb wet-n-wild I need a refresh-mint; essie turquoise and caicos; nicole by opi peas and q's; revlon jaded; revlon minted

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  1. Well I'll be! I had to look up "Ombre". I've heard of it on hair and thought it was a grade like "Remy". Chile


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